The International Department

Tengbjerg Massørskole is an institute of Massage, Acupuncture and Reflexology education.

The international Department (IMA Academy)

Tengbjerg School of Massage was founded in 2001. The school has since offered a Swedish/Classical massage education for Danes which takes 660 hours to complete. From 2011, In addition the school has offered 660 hours of training in both acupuncture and reflexology.

The school in Naestved has internationally qualified teachers who are certified and recognized by The International Massage Association.

This year we are offering education in English by International approved Teachers in Denmark:

Deep Tissue:

Freestyle Massage:

Thai Yoga Massage:

Facial Massage:

Also the School owner Jeppe Tengbjerg offers an online class in Swedish Chair Massage: 

Are you planing to become a massage teacher? Then look here

Tengbjerg School of Massage can also arrange our teachers to come to other schools in the world to teach. We have teachers who, besides speaking English, speak French, Russian, Dutch, Thai, Romanian, Hungarian, German and Greek.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing quality classes. All our educations comply with Denmark’s health service rules.

Students who follow Tengbjerg School of Massage international Training courses will receive certificates that are approved and authorised by The International Massage Association.

If you wish to get to know our school and learn more about our courses, we are happy to arrange a personal appointment or a SKYPE call.

We are gladly at your service, if you have any questions or require more information.

Telephone: +45 20212198


The following persons is part of the Teaching team and all are approved and highly recommended as teachers in massage and marketing by The International Massage Association

  • Christina Blei-Amatdoelrasit, Netherlands, specialized in chair massage Facebook
  • Andrey Syrchenko, Russia, specialized in Spa massage Facebook
  • Motoc Iulian, Romania, specialized in Swedish massage Facebook
  • Jean-Guy De Gabriac, France/Belgium specialized in Spa massage Facebook
  • Jidapha Wilkinson, UK, specialized in Wellness massage and Asian massage Facebook
  • Konstandina Makri, Greece, Swedish massage Facebook
  • Ryan Hoyme, USA, specialized in Freestyle massage, Elearning and Maketing Facebook
  • Maria Filatova, Russia, specialized in Maketing and Service Facebook
  • Radu Dragan, Romania, specialized in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. Website
  • Kinga Jenei, Hungary, specialized in Chair massage and Freestyle Massage LinkedIn

All of above teachers has either taught at the School or has taken part in one of the schools championships, workshops or seminars.

The following schools and Conferences are where School owner Jeppe Tengbjerg is teaching abroad:

Skoleleder Jeppe Tengbjerg og Tengbjerg Massørskole er optaget i den Amerikanske Massage Therapy Hall of Fame